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Hypercars for the rest of us.

At Motovers, we're passionate about innovation and excellence in the automotive world. That's why we're excited to bring you the iconic Rimac Nevera 147 hypercar collaborative ownership. We got it for you to own it together with other hypercars enthusiasts, forming an exclusive community.
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NFT Collection

We are bringing the iconic Rimac Nevera to the Metaverse.

When you are part of the Rimac Nevera owners’ community - you automatically receive access to the Motovers metaverse world, where you can find a race arena, showroom, and more to come.
Available in the metaverse

Own it. Drive it. Flaunt it.

In addition to owning real life parts of the Rimac Nevera, Motovers will give you a unique design metaverse replica of the hypercar, that is drivable in our metaverse racing arena. On top of that, your personal Rimac Nevera unique model can be showcased in our metaverse showcase room.

Be part of the Hypercar community.

We all share the love and appreciation for hypercars, that was the reason this project came to life in the first place. Come and share with us more, and hang out with other like-minded people. Join our Discord server and be part of the community.

A long, rewarding road ahead

Community Building
We are currently focused on building and elevating a community of hypercars lovers, just like us.
Validating the ownership of your part of the Rimac Nevera through secure blockchain and NFT technologies. Estimated to happen during August 2023.
Signature Race Track
Making our first step into the metaverse with our signature race track, that will host a sponsored celebrity race at launch. Estimated for December 2023.
Additional Cars
The Rimac Nevera is only the beginning - more hypercars will be purchased to be owned by you, each with its own unique qualities.
World Expansion
As the Motovers project grows, so does its metaverse world. You will be able to visit our virtual electric cars Mega Mall, visit the Hypercars Museum hosting the Rimac Nevera and all additional cars, purchase a digital metaverse real-estate space to expand on the Motovers world yourself, and much more.

Glad you asked

How do I join the Motovers community?
To join the Motovers community of hypercars enthusiasts, all you have to do is join the Discord server.
Do I need to be an owner to join?
No, the community is completely open for like-minded people to hang around online, whether they're a co-owner of the Rimac Nevera or not.
How do I become an owner of the Rimac Nevera 147?
To be an owner you will have to purchase an NFT technology based digital token, which is a kind of certificate, that is unique to you and validates your ownership. This way you, and anyone else, can confirm your part of the collaborative ownership.
What is Collaborative Ownership?
Purchasing a hypercar is out of reach for most people. As hypercars enthusiasts ourselves, we want to make it accessible to all hypercars lovers. We cannot sell a hypercar in a magnanimous discount - but we can divide the ownership of the Rimac Nevera between people like you and us, each owner with their own equal ownership rights, making it accessible and affordable.
Is my ownership validated?
Yes. Purchasing a unique token will provide you with a one-of-kind validation that cannot be used by anyone else, not even us.
Warming the engines...